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Hello!  I am Anita from Anita Rawson Soft Furnishings. I make beautiful handmade curtains, roman blinds and cushions in Andover, Hampshire.  

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Solar Control Window Film

By Anita, Jun 22 2015 05:23PM

Is your Conservatory too hot in summer and too cold in winter? Are your furnishings fading?

I am now able to arrange the supply and installation of top quality, effective solar window film for you, almost anywhere in the UK. Solar control window film will help to repel heat in the summer, reduce fading and when you turn your heating on in winter it will help to retain the heat that you pay for. And it does all this without blocking any light or vision.

Heat Rejection (summer) - Up to 79%

UV Light Reduction (Fading) - Up to 98%

Glare Reduction - Up to 86%

Heat Retention (Winter) - up to 67%

10 year guarantee

The film is installed by a network of highly trained fitters and usually takes no more then one day to install (dependant upon the size of the building), causing the minimum of disruption.

In conservatories, window film can be more cost effective than blinds and more efficient at reducing temperatures. It is perfect if you prefer a minimalist look in your home and is virtually maintenance free.

A variety of window film options are available. Please get in touch for more details, to find out which film best suits your requirements and for a no obligation quotation.

You can turn your conservatory into a room that is comfortable to use all the year round.

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